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    Considering a career or just starting out in a new role in retail buying, planning or merchandising? These courses provide you with a foundation for success.

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    • John Hoerner retail management training - First Friday
      John Hoerner's Retail Recipes

      Based around retail veteran John Hoerner’ s book Recipes for Retail. It covers theories, tips and advice on customers, people, suppliers, stock management, marketing, finance, strategy and online. Find out more »

    • John Hoerner's Recipes for Retail training courses
      Online Q&A with John Hoerner

      Ask John Hoerner any questions you may have about his retail course and discuss how they apply to your role or organisation. Find out more »

    • The Retail Product Lifecycle training - First Friday
      Understanding Retail: The Product Lifecycle

      A certificated course covering the retail cycle, current trends, roles & responsibilities, high-level tools, techniques and processes, plus the key concepts, calculations and drivers used within typical retail organisations. Find out more »

    • The Retail Product Lifecycle
      Understanding Retail: The Product Lifecycle

      Two days of training on the basics of buying, merchandising, planning and the retail product lifecycle. Find out more »

    • Retail jargon and retail calculations
      Understanding Retail: Jargon Buster & Retail Calculations

      Learn the language of retail and retail maths with this comprehensive retail glossary which covers all the retail jargon and calculations - fundamental to any commercial role. Find out more »