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    A comprehensive suite of training courses that develops managers, leaders and team members with the behaviours and skills they need to succeed.

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    • Practical approach to project management course image
      A Practical Approach to Project Management

      This two-day project management course gives business managers training in practical project management skills, tools and techniques. Find out more »

    • Management essentials for new managers
      Management Essentials for New Managers

      Two-day workshop on what makes a great manager, management styles, effective delegation, motivation & supervision, and the GROW model. Find out more »

    • Managing time and workload
      Managing Time & Workloads

      Workshop introducing managers to a range of simple, effective and practical tools to help them become more effective at time management. Find out more »

    • Managing a team
      Managing a Team

      This 1-day interactive classroom-based workshop gives you the ‘why, what and how’ of managing a high performing team and encourages doing this differently. Find out more »

    • Coaching and Feedback
      Coaching & feedback

      This workshop develops skills and explores techniques, with practice and feedback sessions using real coaching opportunities and challenges. Find out more »

    • Managing performance and people development
      Managing Performance & People Development

      Packed with simple, practical approaches that build the skill set and confidence of managers to effectively manage and develop their teams. Find out more »

    • Managing difficult people situations
      Managing Difficult People & Situations

      Helps managers to understand the role they play in difficult situations and gives practical approaches to resolving difficulties for the benefit of all involved. Find out more »

    • Effective Leadership
      Effective Leadership

      This workshop is designed to help managers to explore their leadership potential and be better placed to drive the success of their teams. Find out more »

    • Commercial thinking
      Commercial Thinking Skills Workshop

      Be inspired by a guest entrepreneur’s success story. Add to this practices, tools and approaches that develop commercial thinking competence. Find out more »

    • Project management for business managers
      Project Management for Business Managers

      Two-day project management course giving business managers training on practical project management skills, tools and techniques. Find out more »

    • Effective Communication
      Effective Communication Skills Workshop

      This course covers how to craft questions, active listening skills, effective words, body language and useful meeting and presentation skills. Find out more »

    • Personal impact
      Personal Impact: Communicating with Confidence Course

      This two-day workshop embeds skills to deliver key messages with clarity, authority and magnetism by blending insight, knowledge and practice. Find out more »

    • Perfect pitching and powerful storytelling
      Perfect Pitching & Compelling Storytelling

      Helps storytellers become clear, compelling and memorable, and teams to connect, develop and share a collective history, understanding and identity. Find out more »

    • Managing diversity and inclusion
      Managing Diversity & Inclusion Workshop

      This workshop demystifies diversity and inclusion, equipping managers with the knowledge they need to manage with confidence and consideration. Find out more »

    • Developing Resilience
      Resilience at Work

      Helps delegates to understand and manage emotions, make better decisions, build stronger relationships and become more resilient. Find out more »

    • Strengthscope
      Making the Most of Your Strengths

      Strengths are explored in a group or team format which results in new appreciation, awareness and tangible action planning. Find out more »