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Mental Health Training

It’s time to prioritise Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Training is the foundation to a healthy workplace.  Practical mental health skills and awareness training creates a sustainable culture change within organisations which in turn enables employees to talk about mental health, access the support they need and build mental health resilience.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England is evidence based, licenced mental health training accredited by the Royal Society of Public Health. This range of MHFA training and short workshops will equip managers and their teams with the knowledge, tools and confidence to look after their own mental health and the mental health of those around them.  This training also enables organisations to meet the recommended core standards for a healthy workplace as set out for all employers in the Government’s Thriving at Work report  – an independent review into how employees can better support the mental health of people at work.

1 in 4 Experience mental health issues
£45bln Annual cost of poor mental health
1 in 5 Take day off due to stress

Our courses

  • Workplace Stress: Cause, Impact and Response

    Short introductory workshop highlighting the importance of recognising the early signs of stress and being able to implement healthy coping strategies. Find out more »

  • Introduction to Mental Health and Workplace Wellbeing

    Increase your understanding of mental health and equip yourself with the skills to support yourself and others with this one-hour workshop.   Find out more »

  • Mental Health First Aid Awareness Workshop

    An introduction to mental health issues exploring the impact of stigma and empowers employees to look after the wellbeing of themselves and others. Find out more »

  • Mental Health First Aid Champion Workshop

    Training in practical mental health skills to help a manager spot if someone is struggling and gives confidence to have mental health conversations Find out more »

  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Qualification

    Qualify as a Mental Health First Aider equipped with skills to spot the signs of mental illness and to how to respond with this MHFA-accredited course. Find out more »

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What they say

What our delegates say...

Retail legend

Retail consultant

A true leader like John shows us all how to be the best version of ourselves

Retail advisor

A “Master Class” for retailers

Retail COO

Epitomises John’s approach to business, short, simple, entertaining and above all effective

Retail CEO

John Hoerner makes many of the issues we battle daily in retail seem so simple and straightforward

Retail chairwoman

I have learnt more from John than almost anyone else

Retail chairman

This is a brilliant workshop. There were so many things I learnt to help my team and indeed myself to successfully adapt to change

Team Lead – Leading change workshop

First Friday's extensive experience and expertise in change management and leadership was invaluable. They were able to help our senior team to manage resistance during periods of extensive change


75% of the course content was great, but 25% was mind blowing

Course delegate

Great! Relevant, interesting and informative with a good mixture of practical sessions and tips on project management. And a great reference book to take away and use as a checklist for future projects

Course delegate

Even their body language is retail! They're head and shoulders above other training companies

Buying Director, Global fashion retailer

Our facilitators were true retail experts in range building, and what we got from two days with them was invaluable

Assistant Buyer – Course delegate

It has completely changed how I will structure, challenge and approve the ranges that we create

Buying Manager – Assortment planning & range building online course

The role-play opened my eyes and with all the info and tools I have learned during the day I now look differently towards negotiations. Really beneficial and positive having trainers with retail background  

Buyer on Negotiations skills course

It's already changed the way I think and engage with retailers. There is so much more that goes on in the world of retail. More than I ever imagined  

Systems Consultant – Course delegate

A great workshop with excellent trainers. I wish I had gone on this workshop before I started working in retail  

Course delegate

I wanted to understand what thinking commercially really means, and to find ways and tools to improve my commercial thinking. This was delivered in spades  

Course delegate

A fantastic, enjoyable workshop packed with practical and engaging content  

Course delegate

The real life stories were very inspiring and helped me to see what I can do with a fresh perspective  

Course delegate

Really enjoyed the course, very open and positive. I know now what I do and what I need to practice  

Course delegate

I learned so much in just one day. It was explained very clearly with examples which really helped  

Course delegate

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