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    This suite of equality, diversity & inclusion (EDI) online training is essential for organisations looking to build an inclusive environment.

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    • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
      Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Course

      Recognise what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace through examples and scenarios. Learn how to respond  and to prevent it from happening in the first place. Find out more »

    • Diversity and inclusion in the workplace training
      Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

      Comprehensive training that explores the principles of valuing diversity and promoting inclusion, with practical application in the workplace. Find out more »

    • Diversity & inclusion essentials
      Workplace Diversity and Inclusion: The Essentials

      An essential introduction to the principles of diversity and inclusion in the workplace Find out more »

    • Anti-Racism in the workplace training course
      Anti-Racism in the Workplace Course

      Exploring the sensitive topic of racial inequality in the workplace, with practical solutions to help everyone progress in becoming anti-racist. Find out more »