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Equality, diversity and inclusion training

Prepare to question yourself on what you know about equality diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Doing so is essential to learn and grow!

Valuing equality & diversity and promoting inclusion is the responsibility of everyone in the workplace. Building an inclusive environment where everyone feels that they belong doesn’t happen by chance, they need to actively be created. This equality diversity and inclusion training is an essential element in supporting organisations achieve these goals and will help realise benefits for employers, employees and service providers.

Sadly, equality is not something experienced by everyone, being different can sometimes be the reason for people experiencing discrimination. This equality diversity and inclusion training will explore how everyone is protected by the Equality Act from discrimination based on 9 protected characteristics. It’s essential to understand this important law, to ensure that your work practice remains lawful as anyone breaching this law can be held liable for doing so.

This training is the result of a partnership between First Friday and Ganny Gbadego, Diversity & Inclusion consultant with Fair Play Training & Consultancy Services Ltd. Ganny has 25 years experience assisting organisations and individuals to promote equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) in the workplace.

1 in 5
employers hesitant to employ a disabled person
14 mln
people have a disability
2 in 5
ethnic minority employees have experienced racial harassment

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