In today’s work environment it can be challenging to cope with increasing demands and frenetic pace. This one-day workshop builds personal resilience in this ever changing, uncertain and unpredictable working world, no matter what you role is or what size of business you work in. It helps you to understand and manage your emotions better, so that you can make better decisions, build stronger relationships, harness your creativity and become more resilient.

This is a classroom course.
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What you will learn

What you will learn

  • Why we get stressed and what happens in the brain as a result
  • The signs of being stressed to be able to take back control sooner
  • How to manage and diffuse your emotions to overcome set backs
  • How to challenge your thoughts to think more positively and creatively when under pressure
  • How to manage your energy when tackling harder to solve problems
  • How to create and use a support network
  • How to break unhelpful habits and create productive new ones
What the course covers

Modules in more detail

  1. The impact of thoughts and feelings – how what you think and feel can manifest and lead to a sense of helplessness and hopelessness
  2. Dealing with uncomfortable emotions – how to surface, recognise and deal with the negative emotions that have the greatest hold over you
  3. Getting out of a rut – how to change, challenge and choose what you focus on
  4. Manage your energy not just your time – consider the factors that affect your energy levels and the positive and negative impacts these can have
  5. Support your success – how to build a support network and how and when to use it
  6. The power of habits – understanding habits; how to break unhelpful and established habits and replace them with new and more productive ones
Who it is suitable for

Who it is suitable for

  • Anyone wishing to develop personal strategies to become more resilient at work
  • Anyone wishing to support somebody else to develop their resilience

At a glance...

At a glance
  • One-day classroom workshop
  • Suitable for up to 12 delegates
  • Packed with insight, information, tips and techniques
  • Engaging activities and action planning