This unique two-day business simulation workshop helps individuals and teams to understand concepts and best practice as they work together to build a range. It encourages collaboration and co-operation within retail teams to break down silos and facilitate commercial teams working more effectively together. Information, insight, tips and techniques are combined with a comprehensive case study which teams work through as they build a product range together. Experienced buying and merchandising professionals provide expert facilitation, advice and feedback throughout the two days.

This workshop is effective as a stand-alone session or as a prequel to the Trading Challenge.

This is a classroom course.
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What you will learn

What you will learn

  • The dynamics, challenges, complexities and stages involved in successful range building
  • How to work efficiently and effectively across functions by exploring how each area within a commercial function contributes to range building, and how people and teams work together to optimise results
  • The areas in which further knowledge or skill may be needed to develop range building capability
What the course covers

Modules in more detail

A business simulation case study to:

  1. Create the strategy
  2. Develop the framework
  3. Build the range
  4. Sign off the range
  5. Revisit the range
Who it is suitable for

Who it is suitable for

  • Commercial roles at all levels including buyers, merchandisers, planners and category managers
  • Functional roles that support commercial teams e.g. supply chain, marketing, visual merchandising, design and technology

At a glance...

At a glance
  • Two-day classroom workshop
  • Suitable for up to 16 delegates in teams of 3 or 4
  • Facilitated by two experienced retail professionals
  • Packed with insight, information, tips and techniques
  • Engaging activities, quizzes and action planning
  • Bought to life with a comprehensive case study
  • Practice sessions with expert feedback