Managers are commonly looking for more time in their working day without necessarily realising that it’s how they are spending their time that may be all, or part of the issue. Whilst time is of course finite, there are many things that managers can do to make them more effective in using their time.

This one-day workshop introduces managers to a range of simple, effective and practical tools to help them become more effective at time management. Delegates are asked to complete a time management diary in advance which enables insightful reflection and meaningful personal action planning.

This is a classroom course.
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What you will learn

What you will learn

  • The difference between time management and workload management
  • Approaches to increase your personal effectiveness
  • Your personal opportunity to better manage your time
  • How delegation supports time management and effective communication
  • When and how to manage upwards as you manage your time
What the course covers

Modules in more detail

  1. Control and influence – recognising the activity areas both within and outside of your control. How you can use this knowledge to focus on the right activities at the right time
  2. Personal reflections – personal benchmarking time management analysis
  3. Tips and techniques – 21 simple, practical tips for managing time and workload
  4. My typical day – determine your personal ‘day in the life of’
  5. What gets in the way? – the common obstacles and personal blockers that can prevent you from being effective
  6. The art of delegation – simple, practical techniques to be more effective at delegating to others
  7. Work-life balance – get closer to where you want to be with a 100 hours approach
Who it is suitable for

Who it is suitable for

  • Anyone wishing to make better use of their time and become more effective at managing their workload

At a glance...

At a glance
  • One-day classroom workshop
  • Closed group delivered within your business
  • Suitable for up to 12 delegates
  • Packed with practical and proven tips and techniques
  • Engaging activities and action planning
  • Includes personal time analysis as pre-work