Any organisation is only as good as its leaders. Leadership is often seen as the ability to empower people, enabling them to support the vision and strategy of an organisation, and is a skill that can be developed. Leaders are developed, not necessarily born. This one-day session is designed to help managers explore their leadership potential and be better placed to drive the success of their teams.

This is a classroom course.
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What you will learn

What you will learn

  • The traits, behaviours and habits that make a great leader
  • The differences between management and leadership
  • The concept of high support and high challenge
  • The pros and cons of six key leadership styles
  • How effective your own style is as both a manager and a leader
  • How to take a situational leadership approach with team members
  • A leader’s role in the service profit chain
What the course covers

Modules in more detail

  1. Leading, managing, doing – what the difference is and personal reflection on the current split of your time on these vs. what it should be
  2. Common leadership traits – defining these and reviewing personal performance against them
  3. Getting the balance right – how to achieve the right mix of support and challenge, and the impact of the mix being wrong
  4. Common leadership approaches – six styles, situational leadership, upside down leadership and the leadership split. Exploring how these can be of practical help to a leader
Who it is suitable for

Who it is suitable for

  • Anyone with a responsibility to lead; from first time team leaders through to senior managers
  • Effective managers who wish to adopt more of a leadership approach to their role

At a glance...

At a glance
  • One-day classroom workshop
  • Closed group delivered within your business
  • Suitable for up to 12 delegates
  • Packed with practical and proven tips and techniques
  • Engaging activities and action planning
  • Considers typical leadership scenarios