Although we learn to communicate at an early age, how often do we stop to think about how effective we are as communicators? What is our personal communication style, and how might this help or hinder how others take in information from us?

This one-day workshop improves communication skills through a heightened awareness of the importance of communication and exploration of the key components of effective communication.

This is a classroom course.
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What you will learn

What you will learn

  • The differences between communicating with an individual and a team
  • How to craft questions
  • How to develop active listening skills
  • Which words are most effective when communicating
  • The role of body language within communication
  • Useful skills when presenting to people and participating in meetings
What the course covers

Modules in more detail

  1. Key communication factors – exploration through an exercise
  2. Communication formats – the many different ways in which we communicate
  3. The communication process – how it works and where it commonly falls down
  4. The communication split – debunking commonly held beliefs about which communication element is more impactful
  5. Body language – what do non verbal signs tell us and how can we use these
  6. Communicating within a presentation – simple tips to make presentations and meetings more engaging
  7. Personal communication preferences– a simple questionnaire to develop self-awareness and determine what to do as a result
Who it is suitable for

Who it is suitable for

  • Anyone with supervisory or line management responsibility
  • Anybody wishing to re-evaluate how they communicate with a view to achieving better outcomes

At a glance...

At a glance
  • One-day classroom workshop
  • Closed group delivered within your business
  • Suitable for up to 12 delegates
  • Packed with practical and proven tips and techniques
  • Engaging activities and action planning
  • Includes personal communication style questionnaire
  • Content suitable at all levels