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The First Friday training academy is perfectly placed to develop commercial knowledge, technical capability and soft skills in customer, client product or service-based businesses. The academy is a blended learning programme spanning topics from leading change to the retail product lifecycle, and from negotiation skills to influence and impact.

It’s underpinned by the many years of experience and expertise that our team has amassed in commercial and operational roles within many of the UK’s best-known businesses. Our unique insight and understanding have enabled us to create training that educates and engages in equal measure. Many courses are modular so you can pick and choose what’s right for an individual, a team, a department or a division.

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training

Promote diversity and inclusion in your workplace

Essential training to understand and improve awareness of equality diversity & inclusion in the workplace – from compliance with the Equality Act to practical actions that can be taken in the workplace

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Retail Academy for Buyers, Merchandisers & Planners

Specialist retail training courses

A large suite of retail best practice courses to develop the technical skills needed to build knowledge and confidence in buying, merchandising and merchandise planning.

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Retail Basics Training Courses

Retail fundamentals training for everyone

Considering a career in buying, merchandising or planning? Or just starting out in a new role? These courses cover the retail basics that are the foundation for success.

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John Hoerner's Recipes for Retail

Invaluable retail training from a retail veteran

Learn how to be a great retailer from someone who knows. Bite-sized wisdom from one of the most experienced retailers in the world.

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Personal Development & Management Courses

Develop soft skills to improve hard results

Project management for business managers, leading change, commercial thinking and many other workshops. Our wide range of soft skill and behavioural workshops help people to perform at their peak.

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Change & Project Management

Successfully land your change programme

Business change is always important, and properly implemented, it will make a real difference to how change is embedded and sustained in your organisation.

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Most popular courses

  • John Hoerner retail management training - First Friday
    John Hoerner's Retail Recipes

    Based around retail veteran John Hoerner’ s book Recipes for Retail. It covers theories, tips and advice on customers, people, suppliers, stock management, marketing, finance, strategy and online. Find out more »

  • The Retail Product Lifecycle training - First Friday
    Understanding Retail: The Product Lifecycle

    A certificated course covering the retail cycle, current trends, roles & responsibilities, high-level tools, techniques and processes, plus the key concepts, calculations and drivers used within typical retail organisations. Find out more »

  • Merchandise planning and WSSI online training course image
    Merchandise Planning

    Suitable for intermediate level merchandising or planning roles involved in pre-season planning, this course covers planning sales, stock, markdown and margin, sales phasing, managing intake and open to buy, and use of the WSSI. Find out more »

  • Introduction to Negotiation Skills (Classroom course image)
    Introduction to Retail Buyer Negotiation Skills (1-Day Course)

    This negotiation skills course for retail buyers covers the negotiations process & objectives, conflict in negotiation and the six-step framework. Find out more »