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We work in a number of areas supporting you in developing the appropriate organisational design and approach to learning & development.

We can also help to create the tools and mechanics you need to assess and develop the right skills, behaviours and results within your organisation.

 Learning & development strategy / framework

Organisations that align their business strategy, goals and objectives with their learning & development offer are better able to demonstrate the value of their efforts and investment. They engage and motivate their employees by developing skills, knowledge and behaviours which support business and personal success.

We work with organisations to develop a learning & development strategy which includes:

  • Alignment and prioritisation of skill and capability development which support objectives, strategy and goals
  • Assessment and identification of  the skills, knowledge and behaviours that will directly support the success of a business strategy
  • Development of metrics to measure and evaluate the business impact and return on investment from learning and development
  • Reviewing the effectiveness and impact of existing learning & development offer
  • Identifying opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of learning & development within the organisation
 Training needs analysis (TNA)

Effective training or development beings with a training needs analysis (TNA). This determines the what, why, how and when – for the individual, the department and the business as a whole:

  • What skills are needed
  • Why are these important, what need will they address
  • Who specifically needs which skills, and to what degree
  • How is it best to deliver the training
  • When is it most appropriate to train & develop

The objective of the training needs analysis (TNA) is to provide a detailed training & development plan which:

  • Improves current performance of individuals, teams and the business
  • Helps correct deficiencies
  • Meets future needs of the business as determined by the business strategy

The output of the training needs analysis is a comprehensive response to the training needs (which includes a clear matrix of proposed activity by job role, business sector and location), an implementation plan which includes detailed structure and content for each development intervention and is aligned to any change programmes.

Assessment centres

Assessment centres are an effective method of managing talent in your business. We can support in a number of ways from developing the structure and content of assessment centres for areas such as promotion readiness, new recruits, technical skills and team working, to providing additional resource to support your internal assessors.

Organisational design

Whether you’re restructuring, reviewing your business performance or setting up a new business or department, organisational design is a crucial factor which supports success. We can help you design your organisation to ensure that you have the right structure, hierarchy and roles in place to enable you to meet your strategic goals and objectives.

Competencies & job descriptions

We build capability in organisations to help people achieve optimum performance by ensuring that their roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, competency levels are not only articulated but are easily understood by all, and that leaders and managers across the business understand their role in supporting competency development.

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