Effective Fire Safety & Evacuation Training Programme

“The eLearning is going really well; we are currently in the midst of having about 5,100 colleagues completing it. The CEO completed it last week, and he gave some very positive feedback.” Risk Manager

Effective Fire Safety & Evacuation Training Programme

The client was embarking on a review of the evacuation procedures for their offices. This involved changing the roles and responsibilities of the different people involved as well as the processes required for safe evacuation. First Friday was engaged create an eLearning programme to cover the new procedures and behaviours as well as the essential knowledge required for fire safety.

The need for this learning was reinforced by two recent evacuations which did not go to plan; some of the issues were with how the new procedures were followed, but most were to do with the way that colleagues treated the evacuation and carried out their responsibilities once outside.

Three modules of 20 minutes duration each were identified by First Friday covering the evacuation management team, the role of the evacuation wardens drawn from the office team members, how to use fire equipment, and the steps in completing a successful evacuation.

The use of characters representing the different roles involved, real life scenarios forming the basis of the learning and active learning techniques throughout ensured the modules were well received, and most importantly completed, by more than 5,000 team members.

Feedback from the client was that the learning was interesting and directly relevant to the client’s and individual’s needs. People easily engaged with the learning, treated it with the seriousness it demanded and were able to apply the learning when it is most needed – during an evacuation.