“Kaboodle has made a real difference to how we communicate and train our team. Everyone now knows they only have to go to Kaboodle to access everything to do with learning, operational information, HR and communication. We can also be certain of how effectively Kaboodle is being used through its inbuilt reporting. This helps us assess our team’s engagement, not just from what they access but also through the comments and feedback our people publish in Kaboodle.”
Jacqueline Dyer, Christie&Co’s People and Development Director

Christie&Co has invested in digital communications and learning in recent years. However, it wasn’t as effective as they wished because people had to go to different places to access the content. They were also relying on email to distribute newsletters and other material. This meant that they could not be sure that the information was read by everyone.

Effective internal communication is important to Christie&Co. They wanted to provide a single place for their international team to access internal communications, learning and reference materials.

They chose Kaboodle as it was the ideal solution for all of these requirements, with the added benefit that it also encourages engagement and sharing of ideas through the built in social learning and gamification features.

Kaboodle provides a simple and convenient way for team members to access online operational guides, digital learning, newsletters, any other communications together with providing access to HR systems, online forms, contacts database and a tool to enable people to feedback their views and good ideas.

Kaboodle is Christie&Co’s single portal for everyone across the business and enables people to work more efficiently, learn more effectively and gives the business real-time information on their team’s engagement.

Assessment is built into Kaboodle to enable the business record and report on their team’s skills and understanding of key business issues, for example GDPR.

Christie&Co is a specialist property adviser in the hotels, public houses, leisure, care, retail and medical sectors.

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