The First Friday Retail Academy

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for Buyers, Merchandisers & Planners

First Friday, the leading retail training company, has developed an online academy which provides a comprehensive training programme for buyers, merchandisers and planners. It is designed to develop the technical skills needed to build knowledge and confidence in merchandising, merchandise planning and buying.

Set against a backdrop of the Retail Product Life Cycle and covering best practice processes, the courses are designed to engage and inspire buyers, merchandisers and planners to take a proactive approach to running their product areas.

The training covers a wide range of topics that includes: Merchandise Planning, WSSI, Open To Buy (OTB), Range and Assortment Planning, Stock & Inventory Management, Trading and Forecasting.

The merchandise, planning and buying courses are:

  • Creating a Strategy 
  • Merchandise Planning
  • Assortment Planning and Range Building
  • Order Management, Allocation and Replenishment 
  • Evaluating Performance 
  • In-season Management 
  • Managing Key Lines 
  • Price Management 
  • Introduction to Negotiation Skills 
  • The Journey from Cost to Profit
  • Supplier Management
  • Sourcing


Anyone who wants to know more...

The training is aimed at junior to assistant levels within buying, planning
and merchandising and anyone who wants to refresh their skills in planning, buying, trading and the use of the WSSI.

To get the best from these courses a solid working knowledge of the following is required

  • Retail basics and the retail product lifecycle
  • Common retail terminology, jargon and calculations

If you want to review and refresh your knowledge of the retail basics, retail jargon and calculations then take a look at our online course
Understanding Retail: The product lifecycle 
together with our Calculations and Jargon package Understanding Retail: Calculations and Jargon. 


Work at your own pace, whenever and wherever.

  • Each course contains a blend of video, eLearning, quizzes and activities 
  • They are modular so you can work at your own pace
  • Can be accessed from your laptop, tablet or phone, enabling you to learn at a time and place which suits you
  • You can revisit the courses - or parts of them - whenever you want to

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