Building capability in retail

Maximising the Pre-Season Plan

Pre-Season Planning is critical to the success of your business.

top line financial plan
driving margin
stock management
markdown modelling
terminal stock planning
product hierarchy

Pre-Season planning is critical to the success of the business and effort spent here will reap rewards in-season.

Planning needs to be robust and detailed; the retail climate is challenging enough - don't get caught out by something you could have planned for and waste energy fire-fighting!  This course develops the top line financial plan and explores how you create a retail sales and stock plan phased over time for your product area.

Planning for retailers

The learning focus:
  • What are the steps in planning sales, stock and markdown?
  • How do you ensure these will drive margin and profit?
  • What are the key measures and calculations used by large scale retailers?  Which should you be using in your business?
  • How do you phase a sales plan over time and what does this mean for stock management?
  • What are the critical tools and techniques used within planning?
  • Do you speak retail?  What do these terms mean?  WSSI, OTB, markdown modelling, seasonality, terminal stock planning....and why should you understand them?
  • What level of the product hierarchy should you plan to?
Who is it aimed at?

This one-day course has been developed to meet the needs of Head Office teams in small to medium sized retailers, in roles such as Merchandising, Planning, Buying and Category Management.

The format

This course is fully interactive, structured with presentations, discussions and practical exercises. Throughout the day there are lots of opportunities to share thoughts and ideas with co-delegates and to apply learning to your own product area.

Learning outcomes

This course provides you with all the essential information you need to ensure your pre-season planning sets your product category up for success.